This is when I decided to calculate the approximate number of days that I had left to live. I took the life expectancy of the average male in Canada in 2005 and it gave me approximately 15600 days left to live.

This is when I started to count mine 15600,15599,15598,15597.

It made me realize that I had already lived 14326  days. I had lived about half my life already …….behind me , bye bye …..I will never see those days ever again.


This was a  shock to me because there was so much more I wanted to accomplish.

Who wants to have regrets on their deathbed?

My first reflex was to see how I could influence the number of days I have left. So I decided to invest more time in exercising and eating better. I made a list of things and places that I wanted to see, visit and do before my life is over. I checked how I could incorporate my list of dreams and projects into my  personal dashboard.

These are the kind of things I could change quickly without much thinking.

What do you intend to do with your time left?