BE PREPARED… The Boy Scout motto “Be Prepared” is good advice for all of us; regardless our age.    

In a sense, to be prepared, for a Boy Scout, simply means that he is getting ready to deal with whatever happens.  It is exciting that in the process of preparing he is learning how to attain his goals. Most of the goals, at that point, are short-range but if the overall goal is to be an Eagle Scout, he literally is setting a “big” and “long-range” goal. Setting and reaching goals prepares a Scout for life and for whatever endeavour he might choose.   

The athlete must prepare for the upcoming competition and the musician for the next concert.  The habit of preparation is one of the  benefits that come from being a Boy Scout. That’s the reason Scouting is so beneficial in our society today and is especially helpful for young kids.

When we are prepared, we actually save of lot of time, worries and frustrations. Do you remember when you were cramming in school, most of us manage to move up in the school system by cramming before our exams, but do you remember the feeling when you prepare thoroughly before the exam and found it so easy?

It is the same in life, preparation saves us more time than we have to invest most of the time.

So if you want to reduce the stress and frustration in your life, BE PREPARED!