This is a message that I picked up from my Facebook wall recently. An old friend from high school, Daniel Laporte gave me the authorization to post it on my blog. After living many years in Paris and New York city, Daniel is leaving this time to Moscow for another great life adventure. The reason why I post this message is because, Daniel, in my opinion, is a living example of someone who lives each day to the fullest and this is the spirit of the message of my daily posts.

Here is Daniel’s message that was on Facebook this morning;

“As I’m waiting for my plane to bring me to a new life… I feel very excited and at the same time scared from the unknown that lies ahead! This is a state I am truly grateful to be in… Getting out of your comfort zone is an amazing way to discover yourself… Love to all!”

Daniel Laporte , Architect

Thank you Daniel for being who you are.

Good luck to my old friend and his wonderful spirit of adventure.