If you suddenly had all of your days free with no commitments or responsibilities…

What would you do?

You should start planning a “dream list” today.

Work on  this week by writing down the activities and goals you’d like to accomplish one day. Learn to swim? Start an exercise program? Write a book? Finish your basement? Then schedule an hour of time this week to work on your dream list. It might be a small, slightly indulgent non-urgent task, or a single piece of a much larger goal.

Typically your daily to-do list is packed with work and household responsibilities, leaving your personal pursuits as an afterthought. Planning small pieces of time for your dream list each week gives you a better, balanced life. And, don’t make it a major undertaking, a little progress each week will  add-up to an accomplished goal before you know it.

Remember: though the year is already one-fourth complete, there’s still tons of time to pursue your hopes and dreams. Get started this week.