“What is destructive is impatience, haste, expecting too much too fast”

May Sarton


I admit it. I’m extremely impatient. It can be both a blessing and a curse at different times and in different circumstances.

But for most of the time, I would disagree with May Sarton.


Because when impatience is channeled at the proper time and in a proper way, it can turn into a blessing more than a curse.

There are processes that we cannot bypasss, yet.

For example, growing fruits and vegetables, learning new skills in sports or in the field of knowledge.

It takes time. It is a step-by-step process.

The reason we have the comforts of modern life is because people that came before us were impatient to improve their circumstances.

In this way, impatience can turn into a blessing.

What makes you impatient?

What can you do about it?