We are disappointed when we lose money or when we don’t receive the salary increase we were expecting.

But how do we react when we lose a good idea which has come to us while reading, listening to someone or while travelling?

An idea that could have improved our life, or better, that could have  improved the world.

If you lost the thought, you already forgot about it, didn’t you?

What if this one good idea was more precious than millions of dollars?

Just like Oscar Wilde used to say:  We know the price of everything and the value of nothing.

We should always take the time to write down our ideas in a notebook, or in our PDA.

We can never know when these notes could be useful to us.

I encourage you to start collecting your thoughts in a place where you can read them later.

You will be amazed that you are the one who wrote this idea or how your own thinking has evolved over time.

Every one of us can produce good ideas. Write them down and avoid losing them forever.

Will you?