Today, I’m publishing my 500 th post on 36525 Days To Live.

I want to thank all you for your feedback, your comments and your referrals.

I’m trying to calculate how much time I have been investing in this project.

My estimate is an average of 30-40 minutes per post.

If my calculations are correct, this would add up to 250-300  hours of writing, editing and re-editing.

Is it a good use my personal time?

For me, Yes.

Perhaps a better question is…

Do I still enjoy using my personal time to write?

Without hesitation, the answer is YES.

The  MOST IMPORTANT question is for you:

Is it a good use of your time?

You can answer this question in different ways.

1) You can send me a comment.

2) You  can UNSUBSCRIBE. (If this blog is a waste of your time)

3) You can invite someone you know TO SUBSCRIBE and receive the daily post.


P.S.  I want to thank Clément for correcting my grammar  and typos in the last 12 months.