Isn’t it ironic that someone who apparently didn’t want  to become popular had in time evolved into a cultural icon?

Is it possible that when we say NO to fame and public recognition that it is exactly what we will attract?

PJ 20 is a rockumentary that explains the evolution of the american rock band Pearl Jam.

It presents the evolution of a band of young people from obscurity to fame and than to maturity.

It shows the effect of time on the behavior of rock stars who tried to do it their way. With a minimum of compromise.

The end result?

A cult following!

Just like Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, The Ramones and The Grateful Dead before them.

I once read somewhere that the genius of  Shakespeare wasn’t fully recognized before 200 years after he died.

So if ever you find yourself working in obscurity, try to remember

that the long term effect of your work may be recognized over time.

Yes, but what if it doesn’t get recognized?

The most important question, I believe is the following:

Are you having fun as you are working on your art?

If the answer is YES, then you are not wasting your time…