JIM CLEMENTS  The 100 year old office boy:

Workaholic great-grandad does admin and makes tea


He has been working for 86 years – 34 years in his current security firm job which he took when he got bored in retirement

Good reception: Jim gets on well with staff at firm

A workaholic great-grandad was yesterday revealed as the nation’s oldest office boy – at 100.

Jim Clements has been working for 86 years, after taking up a “temp” job at a security firm when he got bored in retirement.

And 34 years later he is still there, doing admin and making tea for his female colleagues two days a week.

But Jim, who celebrated his birthday last week, has no plans to quit.

Jim Clements
Tea boy: Jim makes a brew
Jim Clements
Filing in: Jim with his colleagues

He said: “I do filing, shredding, answering the phone, photocopying and making tea for the girls.

“It keeps the cogs moving and keeps me young. The girls look after me and give me a lift home.”

He started as an engineer aged 14 and retired at 66 in 1980.

Jim Clements
Loving: Jim and wife Gladys in the Sixties

He has two children, four grandchildren and a great grandchild, and met his wife Gladys while making torpedoes in the Second World War.

They were together until she died 19 years ago.

Jacky Cowley, who works with Jim at Active Security in Harlow, Essex, said: “Jim is amazing. He has a wicked sense of humour.”

Source : http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/real-life-stories/100-year-old-office-boy-1562638