” You may delay, but time will not.”

Benjamin Franklin


Life can be like the sands of time flowing through an hourglass. You probably used to feel that the sand was going slowly and that there was enough time for everything. Now, suddenly things are moving faster, you feel the sand disappearing and you start to value your life and your time differently.

The real question is: What will you do with the time that is left? For some of you, you’re at the beginning of your journey, where you’re just deciding where you want to go. For others, you may have come to a stage of your life where you’ve begun to realize that there may be more time behind you than there is ahead of you, and you feel a great urgency to make the most of it.

Your journey is not about where you’ve been; it’s about where you’re going. It’s about taking the time to stop and appreciate life, appreciate the moment and appreciate that we all have a choice—the choice to decide where we are going next and the choice to crush what’s been holding us back.

We will all die. The goal isn’t to live forever (not yet…),

What if the goal was to create something that will?