Thank you very much, we prefer to learn the hard way!

It must hurt!

Do you feel the pain?

Life doesn’t come with an instruction manual!

It’s probabably a good thing…


Do you know a lot of people who would have the patience to read it?

Personally…I don’t know too many.

It seems to me that most of us prefer to make the mistakes ourselves and learn the hard way.

(Perhaps we learn and understand faster when we feel the pain)

I know, I know… it doesn’t seem to be rational but it’s how it really is.

At least it is very pragmatic and it forces realism.

 Jean-Jacques Rousseau the genevois philosopher used to answer that he went to the “University of Hard Knocks” when people asked him about his education .

I guess he’s not the only one.

In your case, does it really have to hurt?

Do you like how it feels? 

The older I’m becoming,

The more I try to avoid the pain by observing and learning WHAT NOT TO DO.