Ever  think about work/life balance?

Many people work crazy hours to fill a void in their life.

Some are just so driven and excited about what they do everyday that they cannot think of anything else.

In my case, I still don’t feel successful with work/life balance because I don’t work from 9 to 5.

The lines are blurry.

So from now on, I’ll stop trying.

From now on, I’m aiming for harmony instead of balance.

What does this mean?

It means that I will try to enjoy every moment whatever I’m working on.

Thomas Edison said that he never worked a day in his life… and yet, he was spending 18 hours a day in his labs.

Apparently the lucky S.O.B. could count on his better half to listen to him when he was showing up around midnight.

He was never successful with work / life balance because for him it was all play.

What an inspiration (hope) for those of us who are getting off on our passion!