Welcome to my Blog !!!!


Why would I choose a title like this one? 

36525 days to live !

Life goes quickly and the clock is ticking.

Time is life’s most precious asset.

A human life has a potential of approximately 36525 days to live. (100 years)

Did you ever stop your daily activities to think about that?

Every night when I go to bed, when I fall asleep , I have one less  day to live.

Yes I know, It sounds obvious, but when was the last time  you really considered that? Were you ever aware of this?

This is what it looks like.

36525,36524,36523,36522 if I am a newborn.

27395,27394,27393,27393 if I am 25 years old

18263,18262,18261,18260 if I am 50 years old

9131,9130,9129,9128 if I am 75 years old

1826,1825,1824,1823 if I am 95 years old

365,364,363,362 if I am 99 years old

This scenario is based on a perfect life potential, in a perfect world.

Now, in reality, my life expectancy will be influenced by which part of the world I am born in. It also depends on whether I am born a male or a female.

Life expectancy may vary between 35 and 85 years old depending on which country I am born in.

For example if the life expectancy in my country of origin is 35 years old , I should expect to live 12780 days as a potential.

If the life expectancy in my country is 85 years old , I should expect to live approximatively 31046 days.

Next comes the hereditary factors on which I have very little control over, like an unexpected and unforgiving cancer and other uncontrollable circumstances such as car accidents, sport accidents, plane crashes …….I’ll let you meditate on this matter until next time.

How long do you expect to live?

What will you do with this life?       

Stephen Lafond



Who would I like to reach?

Everyone and especially people under 30…

So-called experts told me that the market for the subject I chose is for people between the age of 30 and 55 years.

I hope they are wrong!!!!!! 


Because I hope to get young people to wake up as early as possible with their lives.

In my mind, I feel like a 20 something, but since I’m 45, I look like a 40 something. I asked some people in their 60’s and 70’s and they told me that in their mind, they still feel young. But no matter how young you try to look or pretend to be, one day you have to face the truth, the picture you are holding of yourself is showing the face of someone your age. And this when we fully realize how fast time goes by…


From Stephanie

Stephen Lafond is an entrepreneur, born and raised in Montreal. He is extremely passionate about life and is adamant about living every moment to the fullest, because we never know when it could be our last. He has read thousands of books about psychology, self improvement, life, time, and people’s inspirational lives. He slowly started realizing that he needed to create a sense of urgency in his life because time is so precious. Once he started to change his thinking pattern, he was able to find beauty in almost everything around him. He felt like he had discovered a recipe that he wanted the whole world to know. He writes his blog because he is so passionate about the subject of time and he wants to share what he’s learned from life experience and from his readings. His dream is to have a significant, life changing effect on people. Stephen has really reached a point in his life where he is genuinely happy, not just on some days, not just sometimes, but he has honestly found true inner happiness. The blog is entitled “36525 Days to Live” because this is the amount of days a person can potentially live if he/she reaches 100.



From Judith

“I met Stephen in the midst of his personal challenges; speaking in front of hundreds of people. I was to interview him. He did not know me but chose to trust me and while we prepared for our performance, I discovered a man with a passion for life, for self-discovery, for the quest of all things that make a life worthwhile. He is attentive, present and inspiring to people around him. His curiosity leads him to make links where others wouldn’t, making him an imaginative yet tenacious leader . I know this because I am a part of the field of creativity he creates around him. The ideas and dedication he brings to the table give others opportunities to discover new ways to express their talents. He lives his life to the fullest and in doing so gives others the same opportunity”



De la part de Manon Landry.

Stephen et moi travaillons depuis plus de 20 ans ensemble. Ses idées nous emportent toujours hors de nos zones de confort. J’ai une confiance aveugle en cet homme. Il a toujours le mot juste pour réconforter, guider ou aider. Il est un homme juste. Il aime les défis mais agit toujours intelligemment jamais sur un coup de tête, tout est pensé, pesé et réfléchi. Je le vois grandir et s’épanouir depuis 2 décennies wow tout un contrat! Sa curiosité le mènera au bout du monde!

Un gros merci pour tous ses bons conseils…et les moins bons mais surtout merci pour la confiance témoignée durant toutes ces années. C’est un honneur de travailler à ses côtés et surtout d’avoir fait sa connaissance!

Manon Landry


From Alain

Stephen has a strong inclination towards action. Since I met him, I noticed that he is eager to learn and wants to practice what he learns and what he preaches. Stephen walks his talk and 36525daystolive.com is more than a figure of speech, it is a way of life. I am a witness that Stephen is standing tall behind every word he writes in this blog.



4 Responses to “Why Another Blog? Who is Stephen Lafond?”

  1. Rollande Gagnon Says:

    Stéphane est un homme de convictions et d’action et si jamais il lui manquerait seulement 1 seule journée de ses 36525 jours à vivre, cela serait une catastrophe.
    La planification c’est son ”bag” mais…en même temps son imagination est si fertile et disons-le… il est si intelligent qu’il trouverait un moyen de savourer chaque moment et d’apprendre quelque chose de nouveau même si son temps était réduit de quelques minutes…pourquoi gaspiller un temps si précieux…


  2. Merci Rollande pour vos bons mots et pour votre encouragement. Je vous souhaite une année 2011 extraordinaire.

    Beaucoup de santé et un excellent rétablissement.

    À bientôt.


  3. Sass Says:

    Your blog seems really amazing. I never thought of life in this perspective before. It’s pretty trippy 🙂

    1. Thanks for your comment !
      One of my goals is for young people to wake up as early as possible in life.

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