Did you ever add up the time you spend browsing the net, going on Facebook, Youtube and Linkedin?

According to recent surveys, more than 500 million people spend 700 billion minutes per month on Facebook.  700 billion minutes…

The Internet can save us a lot of time when we search for something useful for our job or for school. We can also pay our bills, do our banking online and do a lot of other useful tasks. There are lots of benefits of using the web but we must discipline ourselves to use our time wisely. It is tempting to go on the Internet and spend an hour to look at random stuff.  We must check our habits and set boundaries to avoid wasting precious time.

We all have 168 hours every week. How many of these hours do you invest or waste on the Web?

Talk is cheap!

It’s not that we want to yap all the time, it’s just that it’s so much easier to yap than to work.

When I find myself yapping and not doing, I try to remember that with just a little more focus and concentration, I can move forward instead of thinkin’ about progress or talkin’ about why others are not moving forward.

Yes the choice is to do or talk about doing. Create or critique.

Recently , the movie The Social Network (apparently this movie is more a fiction than reality) shows an example of some people yapping and other people doing.

 Let me give you an example…

Cameron Winklevoss and Tyler Winklevoss , identical twins and members of Harvard’s rowing team, and their business partner Divya Narendra have an idea of creating the Harvard Connection, this is the idea, it is not the execution of the idea. This is the thinking and the yapping. Mark Zuckerberg is definitely the doer in this project and while his best friend, Eduardo Saverin  takes the risk of lending some money for the Facebook project, Mark is the one doing the coding and strategic planning side of the business.  Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss are yapping and becoming very frustrated, but since they cannot execute themselves, and even if they had the good idea, they have no legitimate right on the new venture, note that I didn’t say legal right; I said legitimate right.

Sean Parker eventually becomes involved in the project and he acts as a doer as long as he bring some value, in his case, it is to get the venture capitalists to invest their cash in the dream. As long as he does that, he is “in the doing” because he brings a value that nobody else in the team can supply. But when he over-indulges in partying, drugs and sex scandals, he doesn’t bring value to the team project anymore.

The only one who keeps bringing value is Mark; the reason is not because he’s doing most of the coding, it’s because his heart and soul are linked to the dream.

So Mark is doing while the others are yapping…and guess who is getting the biggest reward?

Don’t you think we’re taking this whole Social Media thing a bit too seriously?

Who wants to be on their deathbed  and say” I wish I had more Twitter followers.”

How many Facebook “friends” and Linked In “professional contacts” will attend your funeral?

When my wife wants to get my attention, she asks me; “who will be sitting in the front row at your funeral.”    “Your iPhone, your iPad , your laptop?”

Don’t get me wrong! These are great tools of communication, but how much is too much?

Let’s try to put things in perspective.

My passion or obsession is with time and I wonder, if recently, I have been overindulging and over- investing my very limited time on those platforms.

Let’s put down all our latest gadgets and gizmos, let’s play with our kids, let’s spend time with our wives and husbands, girlfriends or boyfriends while we can.