I started to really think about this subject in the summer of 2005, I was doing fairly good in each area of my life. (a happy and balanced life)

I was on my holiday and I started to think about what I have accomplished so far.

I had a good quality of life in every way, but it dawned on me that something was missing.

At first, it wasn’t clear what it was.

I realized that I could accomplish much more, not to impress others anymore, but for my own personal satisfaction.

Some of the first questions that I asked myself were:

What more can I do?   Or     What else can I do?

What would I have fun doing?

The answer was …..a lot more.

Then came another question …

How much time do I have left?

At 39 years of age , it was a bit too late to want to become an NHL player or a baseball superstar . Even at 18, the odds are extremely low.

Nor was it realistic to become a rock star even if I love music.

I mean, it’s not impossible but the odds are extremely low.

What are my strengths, my natural abilities and my favourite interests?

What can I start at this point in my life and with the time that is available to me?

What can YOU start in YOUR life?