One of my kids was asking me recently why I was buying blank notebooks.

My daughter said: “Daddy, this is so weird…”

Blank Books?

I am a buyer of blank notebooks. My kids find it interesting (read: weird) that I would buy a blank book. They say: 14 dollars for a blank book! Why would you pay that?” (Thinking what I could buy them with the $ 14…) 

The reason I pay 14 dollars is to challenge myself to find something worth 14 dollars to put in there.

I must admit, if you got a glimpse of my notebooks, you’d have to say that I dream Big Dreams ( read: very unrealistic in the eyes of many) .

Writing down my ideas is very important. Re-writing my ideas over and over again is even more important.

Why? It seems to me that the more I juggle with an idea, the more I dream about it, the more I entertain it, the more it has a tendency to become a reality. It seems to work even with crazy ideas. I can’t prove it, but somehow, it seems to work. It seems to save me time because this one of ways that make me focus on a clear idea, a clear goal with a direction.

Where do you write down your crazy ideas?