“There are two ingredients in the good life; learning, earning, yearning. “

Christopher Darlington Morley ( 1890-1957)

US writer


Once we have our basic needs met, what’s next?

Once your physiological needs, your security needs, your social needs are met, what’s next?

What’s left are our self-esteem needs and self-realization needs that must be fulfilled in order to be truly satisfied.

Did you notice that I didn’t write… in order to be truly happy?

The reason I take the time to specify the difference is that some people manage to be quite happy with very little.

Their secret?  They lower their expectations.

I agree with Abraham Maslow and his hierarchy of needs.

Remember his famous pyramid?

Remember the advice from the Judeo-Christian bible: “Man does not live by bread alone”

There is a lot of wisdom in these two concepts.

When you think of Maslow’s pyramid, you realize that you need to satisfy the basic needs in order to yearn for the top one.

You don’t believe me?

Why would you care about a good book or a good play when your belly is empty?

When your belly is full, then and only then you can understand that man doesn’t live by bread alone (Which is an image of our materialistic society).

You cannot eat more than three steaks a day. ( you shouldn’t if you want to live longer)

You cannot drink more than three bottles of wine a day. ( you will not be productive in our society)

You cannot enjoy all of your toys because your time is limited.

You cannot give your full attention to all your friends and acquaintances in the same week.

You cannot waste your energy pursuing your every desire when you are aware of all the opportunities.

So what’s the point of this post?

It is that as long as we are learning one thing every day… Life is worth it.

It is that as long as we are earning as much as we possibly can… We can expand our horizons.

And that as long as we yearn, we are fully alive in every possible ways.

Hope is the cure to many ailments.