“Procrastination is the thief of time.”

Edward Young (1683-1765) British poet


A lot of people are afraid to lose their health.

In most cases, we can and will regain our health.

A lot of people are afraid to lose their friends.

We can always make new friends.

A lot of people are afraid to lose their money.

But we can always earn more money.

Very few people are conscious of the time they are wasting.

Procrastination robs us of our time and life is short.

Personally, I’m still procrastinating more than I’d like to admit.

But the older I get, the more I become aware that every wasted minute will never come back.

This makes me prioritize my activities in a better way.

This forces me to choose what I really want from what I can go without.

I cannot be all things to all people. I can’t even be all things to myself.

In which area of your life are you procrastinating?

Why ? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why?

Is it because of fear, laziness, neglect, self-indulgence or simply because you’re not aware of it?

Come on, be honest with yourself.

No matter what your answer is; in 5 years or 10 years from now,

you will be 5  or 10 years older, and what you are avoiding will be left undone.