The magic words for a great relationship are:

“I love you just the way you are”

It reminds me of a story I read somewhere many years ago.

A wife was taking some kind of self-improvement class with other women.

The teacher gave each woman an assignment to bring home.

They were to ask their partners an honest question: Could you tell me 5 things that you would like me to improve?

One of the husbands thought about it for a couple of days and when it was time to give the answer to his wife,

He said: “I couldn’t find a single thing that I’d like you to improve, I love you just the way you are”

These were the magic words…

And these came with the magic words too.

This was a smart move from the husband. If the wife had anything to improve, I’m almost sure she was already aware of it.

I suspect that after a gesture like this one from her husband, she even made a little extra effort.

What do you think?


My life is the result of my hourly and daily choices. My number of days is limited and this is why I must make the choices that I really care about.

A good book to read that illustrates this point of view is CHASING DAYLIGHT by Eugene O’Kelly, a story of a successful executive who learns that he has brain cancer and about 100 days left to live. His priorities turned upside down and he explains to us in his own words that what used to be his “KING VALUES”, commitment to his family, job and responsabilities became, after receiving his diagnosis awareness,complete awareness of the time left. 

Shouldn’t we review our values and priorities before Life forces us to do it?