“Time to live with your priorities in mind and stop wishing things were different.”

“It’s time to start living and stop waiting”

Stephen Lafond


Will you take time to live this coming week-end?

Will you take time to do something for yourself?

Will you take time to do something for someone else?

It’s time for action! 


P.S. Sometimes relaxation is the right thing to do…


“If you want to know your past, look into your present conditions.”

“If you want to know your future, look into your present ACTIONS.”

Chinese proverb


Time, like life itself, has no inherent meaning.
We give our own meaning to time as to life.



Indolence is a delightful but distressing state; we must be doing something to be happy. Action is no less necessary than thought to the instinctive tendencies of the human frame.



It feels good to relax, to take it easy, but for most of us, we feel better when we have a productive day.

It feels really good at night when we review all what we have accomplished. It is much more enjoyable than when we procrastinate over what must be done.

There is another kind of day that is very interesting, it is when we plan to have a relaxing day to reward ourselves.

It becomes “productive” to relax in these circumstances.

Do you take the time to relax in a productive way sometimes ?


Apparently, Socrates never wrote anything , the knowledge of the man, his life, and his philosophy are based on writings by his students, one of which was Plato who was amongst the most popular. Plato himself was the teacher of Aristotle, and  Aristotle later on became the teacher of Alexander the Great.

We can see how an original thinker (Socrates) had influence on the poet & dreamer (Plato) who in turn had influence on the man of Logic (Aristotle) who finally influenced the man of action (Alexander the Great). The teachings of Socrates still resonate with us directly and indirectly 24 centuries later.

We can see with the previous succession of great people the importance of teaching.

Some of the greatest teachers often work in relative obscurity, it is their own personal passion that helps to shape some of the greatest individuals of the future.

Could you be one of them?

Could Taylor Mali be one of them?



I  really like this guy ( Taylor Mali). Check it out.