“What it lies in our power to do, it lies in our power not to do”



To choose or not to choose?

To invest or to spend?

To compliment or to criticize?

To exercise or to be lazy?

To eat healthy food or junk food?

To study or to watch TV?

To smile or to look sad?

To look at things positively or to look at them negatively?

To feel gratitude or to complain?

To look forward or to look back?

To use our time in a smart way or to waste our limited time?

What will you choose?

“Nonsense is so good because common sense is so limited”

George Santayana


When we waste our time, this is what I call nonsense. And there is so much time that is wasted.

When we are being smart with our time, this is what I call common sense. And there should be more of this.

Being smart with our time has a different definition for each one of us.

But wasting our time will give us similar results; Frustration, Dissatisfaction, Regrets, Procrastination…

Do you use common sense more often than nonsense?